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Tire and Wheels

We help you to maximize the life of your tires to ensure every drive is a smooth one. We’re also wheel specialists and carry a wide selection of wheels for your ride, wheel see you soon!

Battery & Electric

It’s critical that all three components of your vehicle’s electrical system work in harmony with each other. Regular maintenance and preventative measures can help ensure that a small problem doesn’t turn into a costly repair.


Our tinting experts will get to work on your car by ensuring the environment is free of any contaminants and dust particles.

Steering Service

Steering systems are important for your safety and comfort, they keep your tires in contact with the road! We can inspect and recommend the right repairs or upgrades for your vehicle.

Brake Service

Our certified technicians perform both a visual and hands-on analysis of the brake’s systems to determine the required maintenance or repair to ensure an efficient and working brake system

Exhaust System

The exhaust system is responsible for removing several different emissions from your vehicle and should be inspected regularly, especially if there is an unusual noise.

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